Maintenance & Repair Prices

Important Information

All prices include fitting and exclude VAT @ 20% Prices may be subject to change due to fluctuating part prices

Taxi Repair Prices

Discs & Pads£140.00£140.00£157.50
Rear Drums (each)£40.00£40.00£40.00
Front Pads£40.00£40.00£58.00
Rear Brakes Cylinders & Bled
Euro 5

Rear Handbrake Cable
Euro 5
Rear Refine
Euro 5
Rekitted Front Calipers (per side, fitted & bled)£90.00£90.00£118.00
Air Con Regas£55.00£55.00£55.00
Air Con Service--£128.00
Alternator£225.00£275.00 Visteon£228.00 New
Autobox Mounts£72.82£72.82-
Battery (LTC Wound Cell)--£183.38
Brake Pedal Rubber£6.50£6.50£6.50
Bump Stops--£16.77
Cooler Pipe Long£33.90£33.90-
Cooler Pipe Short£32.83£32.83-
Diff Rebuilds F/Way Driver & TX1£23.80--
Door Check Strap£54.97£54.97-
Fan Belt - TX1, F/Way, F/Way Driver£23.80--
Front Upper W/Bone Bushes (per side)£69.72£69.72£69.72
Fuel Filter£22.00£30.00£34.66
Header Tank & Cap & Antifreeze--£31.50
Headlamp Bulb (Lucas - per side)£10.00£10.00£10.00
High Level Brake Light Bulbs (each)£4.00£4.00£4.00
Hub Bearings Front (per side)£69.00£69.00£69.00
Hub Bearings Rear (per side)£130.00£130.00£130.00
Lower Ball Joint (New Type, per side)-68.96£68.96
Lower Ball Joint (Old Type, per side)£54.00£54.00-
Power Steering Belt - TX1£20.37--
Oil & Filter
Euro 5
Rockers (genuine, all fitted incl. changing oil & filter)-£639.28-
Shockers Front (per pair)£100.00£100.00£100.00
Shockers Rear (per pair)£102.58£102.58£102.58
Track Rod End (per side)£40.60£40.60£40.60
Timing Chain Kit Fitted-£497.00-
Top Seals on Steering Box (no warranty)£66.56£66.56£66.56
Upper Ball Joints (per side)£54.00£54.00£54.00
Window Regulator (per side)£120.00£120.00£120.00